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Goddess of My Own Universe

You can't tell a goddess how to behave

12 November 1981
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Vigilantism is NOT justice. Getting an incest survivors support community deleted is causing harm to those you claim to want to protect.

I'm HelDC on twitter and last.fm. I'm also on facebook, linkedin, and most of the rest, tho I tend to only friend people I know. I'm Hel on fetlife.

Psych major, undergrad, tech support at school part time
Evil. Purple. Honest. Horny. Bi. Geek. Poly. Easily distracted. Easily amused.

Reposting/Linking Policy-If it's posted public, go for it, no need to ask, tho I'd love a heads up. If it's friends locked, ask, or I'll be very upset and probably unfriend you.

I'm HelDC on okcupid, and I'm on myspace, friendster, and facebook, although I only joined the latter three at the insisting of various friends, and only check them when someone gives me a reason to, ie: posts a message. I check OkC all the time tho, and a rather more extensive bio of me can be found there.

I babble about a lot of different things in my LJ, and use language that could accurately be described as strong, nasty, bad, unfriendly, possibly-triggering, and all sorts of other non-positive things. It's my LJ. You're welcome to not read it. I generally do try to avoid offending people on purpose just to avoid drama, but if I accidentally offend you, odds are very good I will cordially invite you to fuck off. If you just go 'that really wasn't cool, it upset me' I'll probably say 'sorry' and even mean it, but if you bitch at me in MY lj about what I said? You'll get no sympathy.

I use my livejournal to just babble about whatever thoughts are in my head. Consider it a brain-dump of sorts. So, what is in my livejournal is rarely a complete picture of my mental state, or thoughts on any given issue or at any given time or about any given person. If you think I'm babbling about you, you may or may not be right, but if I haven't mentioned something to you, it's because I don't feel it needs to be addressed with you. Reasons for this can be because I've tried to address it before and have given up, or because it's not really any issue that needs to be addressed and I'm just venting, or because I'm working up to addressing it, tho the latter option is rare. So, if you think something is about you, I'd advise just letting it go. You're probably wrong anyway. If you really feel it matters, please bring it up with me, don't take whatever I said in my LJ as my final word on the matter. I don't like to create filters to exclude people from reading things I've said, and will very rarely do so. I'm far more likely to tell you to not read my livejournal if you're going to take things personally. Cos it's my journal, and I'm going to say what I want to say, and expect people to be mature enough to simply not read it if they don't like what I'm saying.

If I have mentioned something to you, and I'm babbling about it in my LJ, it's cos what I said to you was my edited, adridged, this person matters to me so I'm going to actively attempt to not hurt/upset them, version. Feel special I bothered to edit myself for you, cos I don't do that much. The thing is, sometimes in editing myself, there are thing that just go unsaid. And I can't live with unsaid things in my head. They DEMAND exit. So, I give it to them in my LJ. So if I put a less polite version of what I said to you in my LJ? It's not aimed at you. I just NEEDED to say it.

I friend people more or less entirely so I can read their LJs on my Flist. Cos I'm lazy. So if I friend you, there's no expectation on my part that you friend me back. (However, being friended by someone I actually know tends to make me go 'aww, they like me, they really like me!'. Being friended by people I don't know just makes me go 'huh'.)

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.
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